Future Leaders of the World - Let Me Out

Album: "LVL IV" (2004)

I found some peace today
I grit my teeth
And swallow all my pain and selfish pride
I use to hide behind

[Chorus x2:]
Let me out, let me out I’m singing
Let me out, let me out I’m singing
I’m a liar and a cheat in prison
Accused of telling the truth

Flames of pain stained paint my eyes
Child I've lost this face won't lie
Time burns my souls decay grey
Sifting through the smoke and lies
Swimming exhale our love that's died
First and last ain't ever the same, so I’ll keep on singing this
I don’t care if you’re right or if I'm always wrong
Just want to sing my song before this whole world

[Chorus X2]

Now and forever
I stand to sever all ties and connections with recollections of pain or fear
Family, society, authority and every peer
Swallowing tears, lien' in my stomach
I'm getting free-er every second eroding and exploding
All these corporate deceptions right here I'm...

Metal prison bars block our minds
youth's truth sold and televised
I never bought it and I won’t play your games, for fame
Are we just rats in a pipers tune soothed,
Scraping for cheese in a maze made to lose
No, I’m not and I won’t eat your food... Subdued
I don’t care if your right or if I’m always wrong,
Just want to sing my song before this whole world ...GONE

[Chorus (repeat 1 and a half)]

I'm out... out [x4]

Future Leaders of the World was formed by guitarist and singer Phil Taylor, who formed the group in Buffalo, New York with drummer Carl Messina and bassist Toby Cole. Taylor recorded a demo with Shawn Rivera of Az Yet and executive producer Allan Fray in Los Angeles. At a later this time Jake Stutevoss was also added on guitar. The group signed with Epic Records and released a full-length album, LVL IV.