Future Islands - Tin Man

Album: "In Evening Air" (2010)

You couldn't possibly know how much you meant to me
You couldn't honestly look inside my tarot
You couldn't possibly find it in your heart to forgive me
You are the savage sun and scarecrow

And time – goes by
And you've got a lot to learn, in your life
And the heart's not inside
And I've got to find the one that's just right

You offer all amends in hopes of saving me
You never imagined I could be strong without you
You offer me a branch of peace that bleeds through
The thorns that welcomed me – now speak truth

I am the Tin Man
I am the Tin Man
I am the Tin Man
I am the Tin Man
I am the Tin Man
I am the Tin Man

Future Islands are a synthpop band based in Baltimore, Maryland, signed to 4AD. The band is composed of Gerrit Welmers (keyboards and programming), William Cashion (bass, acoustic and electric guitars), and Samuel T. Herring (words and vocals). Future Islands formed in January 2006 in Greenville, North Carolina.